Draught proofing

Just do it. At a minimum and where possible, installing draft excluders is the way to save energy and increase your living comfort. This includes draft strips, door brushes, letterbox brushes and closing unnecessary cracks and holes, for example with sealant.

Of course a lot is said and done around this theme and when is good, good enough? We don't have that answer either. And every home is different. But what we do know is that at least make sure the basics are taken care of. And that doesn't even have to cost much. That is why we offer this basic draft proofing package, where we install the necessary (and where possible) draft proofing.

In addition, there are many possible studies and advice available in the market and one does not exclude the other. But if you haven't done it yet, start by fixing the basics. This is also a solution for tenants, as a tenant you also have a (tenant) responsibility. Your landlord or landlord is not in all cases responsible for making the home you rented draught-free or more sustainable.

This package involves sealing cracks and seams and applying the necessary draft strips and, in particular, draft tape. Simple, quick to apply and often very effective.

There are a number of exceptions for which we advise you to choose a different solution in advance. With plastic windows and doors you often have to adhere to the draft excluders associated with the doors. This is determined and can be read in the manufacturer's documentation. For these types of windows and doors, we recommend that you inquire through your supplier or specialized frame maintenance company. But if you wish, we will of course look with you. We have the necessary experience and knowledge of the maintenance market, especially in The Hague.

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