Surcharges on working hours

A surcharge applies for hours outside regular working days and times. This is added to the hourly rate. Each surcharge is calculated on the basis of the applicable basic hourly rate. Multiple surcharges may apply. Each allowance is calculated based on the number of hours worked.

Hourly rates for emergency surcharge

For an urgent job, a 50% surcharge will be charged on the hourly rate. I.e. booked within 24 hours before the start of work (i.e. same day or immediately the next day).

Evening/night allowance

Work outside regular hours;


The following surcharges apply on weekends


The same surcharge applies on public holidays as on a Sunday.

Inconveniences or extremities

A surcharge or free project price can be issued for extreme work or extreme conditions, such as unblocking or emergency cleaning of 225%.

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