Key safekeeping

We will keep your keys and thus access to your building for a weekly rate. Always someone in The Hague who can get to your building quickly and with the necessary keys.

This service is not a replacement for a key holder or as an alternative to security. We can only provide the necessary access by appointment, usually within 24 hours, but we do not offer a permanent 24-hour service.

With this service, we record in writing in a key statement that we manage your keys and under what conditions who or which parties may claim access and what the applicable procedure is for access (e.g. burglary system). It is also recorded which keys are in our custody and for how long we will keep the keys in our custody. At the end of the period, you will receive the keys back and the key declaration will be mutually signed for the end of the key storage period. All access actions and building openings will be registered and deregistered again by email to you or our contact person, if possible with names and any photos, also possibly in accordance with the aforementioned services.

The keys are always kept separately from the agreements made (such as entries of access codes) and are kept in a key safe.

We are located in and work daily in and around The Hague and so we can provide the necessary access to your properties within this region. There are many reasons to take out this service and customization is of course possible if desired.

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