Payment and payment options

How can I pay for a job completed?

Payment options

The following payment options are offered:

  1. Payment request (pay via a QR code) - preferred,
  2. PIN,
  3. bank transfer, or
  4. on account (not possible for private individuals/small projects).
  5. Cash payments (of small amounts) are possible, but not preferred and only for amounts up to 250 euros. Above that, always via bank transfer..


You want to receive an invoice and we have agreed on a larger project? You will of course receive an invoice, usually in parts. This is then agreed in the quotation and it also contains the conditions.

If a platform/quotation service or other (online) intermediary has been used

In these cases, the payment terms and payment method of the platform are often leading and the costs must be paid to or via the quotation service or platform in accordance with the applicable conditions.

Payment term(s)

For smaller assignments (according to call-out rate/handyman services, < € 500) immediate payment is required.

In other cases, the payment terms are stated in the General Terms and Conditions. In most cases, the invoice must be paid within 14 days, this applies to invoices that are awarded on the basis of a quotation/quotation.

Payment in installments or deferred payment is not possible.

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