Conditions for the execution of work

There are various reasons, requirements, legal regulations, industry regulations, standards and more that influence the work to be performed. Naturally, we act in accordance with the law. But we do make demands based on the circumstances. Naturally, we assess each work in advance for feasibility. But we explicitly reserve the right to immediately terminate or discontinue work if the conditions are not met.

Pets and children

Since the work always involves some but controlled risk, the presence of pets and children is not permitted. Children and pets cannot assess the risks of the work and can be startled by loud noises, for example, and react accordingly. The presence also comes at the expense of concentration and efficiency. Children and pets are therefore not present during the entire presence and performance.


The workplace and around it are sufficiently clean and hygienic. We do not work in unsanitary conditions.

Treatment and statements

We expect a professional attitude and behavior from everyone. Swearing, derogatory comments, belittling, threats, influencing will not be tolerated.

In contacts with third parties, including online, for example in comments, reviews, consumer programs, etc., you never express unwelcome comments about Veste Services and its employees. Imperfections must be resolved or settled in accordance with the complaints and complaints description in the general terms and conditions.


If our personal safety, the safety of our resources, our good name, personally or commercially, is at stake in any way, we will immediately cease all work. We can make this assessment unilaterally and effect hours.

Excluded activities

In any case, we will not carry out the following work.

Workplace conditions

In order to work safely and properly, we like to work without the direct presence of the client or third parties in the vicinity. Particularly where the work requires concentration, working with tools and in a relatively unknown environment, it is necessary to be able to focus on the work without disruption. This applies in particular to work on or near electricity, for example. Working on electricity is generally considered safe. Unless you always have to take into account or are disturbed by third parties.

Unforeseen circumstances

If unforeseen circumstances arise, we must always be able to fall back on the building manager and the safety measures in place in the building. This means, for example, in the event of a fire, where we require the client to inform us immediately and to initiate the necessary procedures to guarantee our safety.

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